Our Mission

To reach out to the elderly in need... Offering dignity, respect, Christian love and care within an environment which reflects God's love for each of us.

Our Vision

To develop a Continuous Care Retirement Community that accommodates the changing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the elderly in our community.

Our Values

We value an attitude of compassion and service based on the teachings of Christ: "And just as you want people to treat you, treat them in the same way." ---------Luke 6:31

How We Do This

  1. Putting a person before task. The focus of our work will not be the task but the person.
  2. Supporting the empowerment, independence, and self-esteem of our residents.
  3. Hiring the best employees, training them well, and treating them with justice.
  4. Emphasizing people skills, cheerfulness, and understanding.
  5. Establishing management methods and a work atmosphere conducive to high employee morale and to support, recognize, and encourage employee performance, behaviors, and accountability creating a campus environment that provides quality of life for our senior citizen community.
  6. Achieving the highest standards of excellence in all our operations and endeavors.
  7. Maintaining our properties as standards of excellence in terms of function and attractiveness.
  8. Wise stewardship of both human and financial resources.
  9. Being responsive to the changing needs and expectations of our residents.
  10. Adherence to our distinctly Christian moral and ethical values in planning, development, and delivery of services.

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Our Facilities

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